About Me


I love to capture the essence of the moment, whether it is an individual or family portrait session, promotional shoot or a sporting event. Photography is a way for me to not only capture images, but a way to tell a story. I want to capture images that give a voice to whatever the subject might be and to get excitement from the viewer. I love to capture images that are a true representation of whomever or whatever I am photographing. 

My goal, aside from taking and capturing great images, is to make whomever I am working with, feel as if they are part of something special. I want to capture their personality, their charisma, and their enthusiasm in great story telling images. 

Whether you are looking to capture you or your family in a portrait, your band performing live, or looking to create promotional images, please contact me. I would love to work with you, and capture images that will tell your story for years to come.